09 Jun 2015

Say hello to iMindMap 8.1 – available now

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Create inspired brainstorms, dazzling Mind Maps and captivating presentations

iMindMap 8.1 out now
At ThinkBuzan, we are continuously fine tuning our software to make sure your iMindMap experience only gets better. Today we release iMindMap 8.1 – full to the brim of feature enhancements, with clever advances to the Brainstorm View at the forefront.

Take a glimpse at the latest productivity-boosting features in iMindMap 8.1…
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14 Apr 2015

What is iMindMap Cloud & Mobile?

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iMindMap Cloud & Mobile

09 Apr 2015

Uninstalling iMindMap from a Windows machine

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We recently located and fixed an issue with the iMindMap 8 trial for Windows that affected those who didn’t uninstall or purchase iMindMap after the 7 day trial had ended.

The result of this fault is a build up data in the iMindMap cache folder on your computer. This will not damage your machine or cause any further issues – it is simply taking up memory that can be restored. The fault only affects Windows machines; Mac machines will not have been affected.

This issue can be fixed by uninstalling iMindMap and deleting the cache folder – simply follow the steps below.
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31 Mar 2015

iMindMap 8… your thoughts so far

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iMindMap 8 feedback

Hearing the thoughts and feedback from iMindMap users is really important to us. With the release of iMindMap 8, the most distinctive version of iMindMap to date, this was more crucial than ever. With that being said, we were overwhelmed by the positive response we received.
Here’s what some of you had to say about the brand-new features and functionalities of iMindMap 8…

“The new iMindMap 8 version has a brand new straight program interface – with this I feel more concentrated on my Mind Mapping process.”
Michael Landers, IT Architect, IBM
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17 Feb 2015

iMindMap 8 for Mac coming soon

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iMindMap 8 for Mac coming soon
“This fluidity of recording my thoughts is exactly what I’ve needed to feel completely free in my creative process. From mind to screen is instantaneous and seamless.”

Mo Abdelbaki, Radio Presenter, 12Radio

iMindMap for Mac, like its Windows counterpart, has undergone a complete transformation for its 8th version. With clever new features such as the built-in, free-form brainstorming tool and a clean, familiar Mac-style interface, iMindMap 8 for Mac has been designed to de-clutter your workspace and clarify your thinking.

Already have iMindMap 8?
If you have already purchased iMindMap 8, we will send you your iMindMap 8 download link for Mac as soon as the Mac version is released.
Don’t have iMindMap 8 yet?
If you have not yet purchased version 8, you can benefit from our exclusive launch offers. We will let you know as soon as these offers become available.
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14 Jan 2015

Brand new OpenGenius Licensed Instructor Course in Applied Innovation

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Applied Innovation training from OpenGenius
OpenGenius, the company behind ThinkBuzan and DropTask, presents their Licensed Instructor Course in Applied Innovation
Our 4 day Applied Innovation course provides hands on, interactive training in effective decision making for innovation. Learn a practical process for making clear, creative and risk-proof decisions, with the tools to apply it straight away.

Founder and CEO of OpenGenius, bestselling author and international speaker, Chris Griffiths, has helped thousands of teams and individuals with his innovation tools and strategies. Now, he brings you the OpenGenius Licensed Instructor Course in Applied Innovation to get you well on your way to applying powerful innovation techniques.
The course is accredited, which means that you will be certified to deliver your own, official OpenGenius Applied Innovation training after attending. We will send you the exclusive Applied Innovation Facilitator Pack of resources which will include everything you need to begin holding your own training courses right away. Plus, you will receive your own profile on our website to showcase your skills and experience. An OpenGenius accreditation can help you to increase your professional status, become recognised as an expert in this field and boost your income.
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02 Dec 2014

iMindMap 8 for Mac to be released early 2015

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iMindMap 8 is now available for Windows users – the Mac version is currently in alpha and is due to be released beginning of February 2015.

The exclusive iMindMap 8 launch offers are ending very soon, but if you are a Mac user, fear not because you can benefit from these offers if you purchase iMindMap 8 today.

We will send you an iMindMap 8 serial number and Windows download link, as well as an iMindMap 7 serial number and Mac download link so you can still enjoy using iMindMap on your Mac. Plus, you can give this iMindMap 7 serial number to a friend or colleague to use as soon as iMindMap 8 for Mac is available. (Just as a thank you for purchasing version 8 early).

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02 Dec 2014

8 ways to use iMindMap at work

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Integrating iMindMap software into your daily routine allows you to streamline your workload, save time and condense and organise vast quantities of information, all whilst boosting your productivity. Here are just eight ways that iMindMap can be utilised to help you get ahead at work.

1. Brainstorm

iMindMap 8 Brainstorm View

iMindMap’s Brainstorm View* provides you with a digital thinking space where you can capture ideas easily using coloured sticky-notes on the infinite cork-board canvas. You can let your ideas flow without having to worry about organisation or structure.

When you are ready to start sharing your ideas with the group, switch to Mind Map View and watch your ideas take on the structure of a Mind Map. From here you can organise and refine your ideas, so they are ready to share with your colleagues.

*Only available in iMindMap 8 Ultimate

2. Present

Present with iMindMap
iMindMap gives you the perfect platform to plan and deliver presentations with style and leave a lasting impact on your audience.
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02 Dec 2014

7 ways to use iMindMap as a teacher

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Teaching effectively centres around the ability to plan and deliver effective, engaging lessons throughout the entire school year. As a teacher, we know that time is often in short supply, and so here are seven ways in which iMindMap can help you find a little bit more of it, by improving your lesson planning, preparation and delivery.

1. Curriculum planning

Curriculum planning
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26 Nov 2014

The countdown begins – here’s what’s new in iMindMap 8

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It's nearly here - iMindMap 8
The release of iMindMap 8 is just around the corner and we’re thrilled to reveal the updates that make it the most powerful version of iMindMap yet. So what can you expect? Read on to find out – starting with the biggest of them all…

Brainstorm View – two tools in one*

iMindMap 8 is the only Mind Mapping software to feature an inbuilt brainstorming tool. Say goodbye to office walls covered in sticky notes – iMindMap 8 provides a digital alternative. Add sticky notes, images and mini-boards for grouping ideas on the interactive, unrestricted cork-board canvas and bring your ideas to life.

Brainstorm View
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