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16 Apr 2014

The Heartbleed Bug: Memorising complex passwords from Tony Buzan

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Image of The Heartbleed BugThe Heartbleed Bug is the ultimate web nightmare; our online lives exposed and vulnerable to attack. Suddenly, the name of our first pet can no longer protect us, even if we put a number 1 at the end. We must now change all of our passwords for online accounts. Not only that, the passwords all have to be different and complex.

How can we possibly remember everything? What if every day is a constant cycle of forgotten passwords and security questions?

In a recent interview with the BBC, inventor of Mind Mapping and founder of the World Memory Championships, Tony Buzan, shared his tips on memorising complex passwords. Here’s what you need to know…

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25 Mar 2014

Keith Usher: Mind Mapping training in the UAE

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“In 2013 alone more than 300 people attended our two flagship programmes for iMindMap and Mind Mapping.”

Keith Usher

ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor, Keith Usher, has a career spanning 25 years as a Management Consultant and Trainer, ranging from international based consultancy with Zurich Group to setting up Insight Learning Organisation, a specialised management consultancy and training operation in the Middle East and Africa.
Keith grew up in Kenya, and went on to study for his BSc Honours degree in Psychology at Surrey University. In addition to his work as a Management Consultant and Trainer, Keith is passionate about wildlife conservation and spends up to 3 months each year in Africa where he qualified as a FGASA Field and Trails Guide. He enjoys photography and volunteer work, as well as developing his knowledge of African wildlife and conservation.
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13 Feb 2014

Don Taylor’s journey with Mind Maps

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The opportunity to train with the inventor of Mind Maps, my mentor, Tony Buzan became an exciting prospect. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to train with Tony and his fantastic team.

ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Don Taylor

ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor: Don Taylor first discovered Mind Mapping in Hong Kong in 2007 when he came across “The Mind Mapping Book” by Tony Buzan in a book shop. Don works as an English teacher as well as a Mind Map instructor.

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29 Jan 2014

Trainer Showcase: Mind Mapping taking hold in Turkey

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It is fantastic to be a part of the international ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor family and to know that every one of us is working towards the same target; “setting people’s minds free!”‘

Capture Mücahit AközThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor: Mücahit Aköz

Accreditation: Bangkok, Thailand 2013

Profession: Trainer & Psychology student in Istanbul Bilgi University

In this guest post, ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor, Mücahit Aköz shares his experience of delivering iMindMap workshops around Turkey.

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16 Jan 2014

Delegates see career surge after attending ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course

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ThinkBuzan License Instructors
2013 was a busy year for graduating ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructors and they have been sending us some great feedback and stories…

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13 Dec 2013

How to Mind Map

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Mind Mapping, the technique invented by Tony Buzan, is proven to boost your productivity, efficiency, creativity, memory and improve your ability to learn information.

The beauty of Mind Maps is that they are adaptable. The radiant layout means that you can keep adding ideas without losing a coherent structure, and personalise it with your own images and symbols to boost your recall of the information.

Mind Mapping also helps you to focus on the relationships between your ideas and uses associations to help you generate more. Perhaps most importantly, a Mind Map can consolidate large quantities of information onto one page.

This versatile technique is already used by over 250 million people worldwide for a variety of tasks including brainstorming, identifying new opportunities, organising, managing projects, teaching, studying, communicating information and much more.
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03 Dec 2013

Top 5 videos of Tony Buzan

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We’ve put together some favourite YouTube videos of Tony Buzan. See Tony in action, speaking to audiences worldwide about the brain, creativity, Mind Mapping, memory and more.

1. Blast from the past with ‘Use Your Head’

In 1974, Tony Buzan filmed the debut episode of his programme, ‘Use Your Head’ for the BBC. The ten-episode series allowed Tony to formally introduce the concept of Mind Mapping to a global audience and due to its unprecedented success, the series was repeatedly shown for almost 10 years. Since then, Tony has established himself as a world-renowned author, educationalist, consultant and one of the most influential figures in creativity, learning and the brain. It’s time to take a look at where it all began…
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22 Nov 2013

Tony Buzan’s Speed Reading: 5 quick tips for beginners

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When you’re sifting through reams of paper, you’ve probably found yourself wishing there were more hours in the day. Well, fear not. Speed Reading is the key skill to give you that little extra time. The quick tips below only scratch the surface but with practice, you can double your present Speed Reading rate and eventually, reach 1000 words per minute; matching those in the worlds current top 10.
Speed Reading
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04 Jul 2013

Trainer Showcase: Steve Molyneux, iMindMap and the iPad Academy

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Steve MolyneuxIn this post, ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Steve Molyneux discusses how iMindMap HD has helped to propel his training company, the iPad Academy, and his experience of delivering iMindMap HD training using iPads in schools.

Steve is the CEO of the iPad Academy, an Apple Distinguished Educator and advocate for forward-thinking technology in the educational system. He became a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor in January 2012 and subsequently, Steve combined his passion for Apple products with his expertise in iMindMap.
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28 May 2013

100% satisfaction from our course delegates!

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With the busy month of May coming to an end, now is the time to reflect on the two ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Courses which have taken place this month in Bangkok, Thailand and Henley, UK! Here you’ll gain an insight into what went on and hear from the delegates themselves on what they thought of the course.

Kicking off the month off in style, our ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course was held at the luxurious Sukhothai Hotel in the heart of Bangkok. Tony Buzan welcomed the delegates with an introduction to the world renowned technique of Mind Mapping, which he not only created but used to form the foundations of his extraordinary life.

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