15 Apr 2014

8 Ways to use iMindMap at Work

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Integrating the iMindMap software into your daily routine allows you to streamline your workload, save time and condense and organise vast quantities of information, all whilst boosting your productivity. Here are just eight ways that iMindMap can be utilised to help you get ahead at work.

1. Present

Presentation feature on iMindMapiMindMap gives you the perfect platform to plan and deliver presentations with style and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

iMindMap’s presentation builder allows you to put your Mind Maps in 3D, completely customise the effects of your presentation and attach files, webpages and audio to your Mind Map, all of which can be easily manipulated whilst you speak.

Using iMindMap for your presentations means a more engrossing and visually stimulating experience for both you and your audience. It will help you avoid having your head stuck in pages of notes, and instead you will have the freedom to engage and wow your audience. Impress your audience further by adding your company logo to the presentation and choose from a variety of new backgrounds. Save yourself time by using a presentation template and provide your audience with handouts by exporting your presentations to PDF form. Find out more about the presentation builder.

2. Plan

Plan your workload, schedules, meetings and proposals in a more productive and time effective way with iMindMap. You can divide up your topics and tasks onto different branches and draw clean, clear connections so you can see how different projects will impact on one another. Use the new Branch Art feature to visually represent your ideas. You can even save your Mind Maps as templates, so the next time you need to plan your day, week, meeting or event, your Mind Map will be ready for you to amend. An example of how you can use iMindMap for planning is its use in planning a new product, from brainstorming, to the target audience and to its implementation. Find out more.
Notes from paper into a Mind Map

3. Consolidate

iMindMap provides you with an infinite space for radiant thinking. You can consolidate an entire year or more’s worth of information in just one map. iMindMap includes clever organisational features such as the ability to expand and collapse branches, so your Mind Map will never look cluttered. There is also the capacity to link any related documents, webpages or other files directly to a branch of the Mind Map, meaning you can create an easy-to-navigate library of information, all on one screen.

Expanding a Mind Map

4. Project Manage

iMindMap includes an advanced project management system that can be integrated with Outlook and Microsoft Project to ensure that you never leave a project unfinished or behind schedule again. The system contains Gantt charts which you can update whilst scheduling tasks that are dependent upon the completion of others. Everything is in one, easily accessible place. Find out more about our Project Management system by watching our tutorial video.

5. Problem Solving

First ideas for problem solvingBy creating a Mind Map, you can view all the elements of a problem at once, stimulating association and integration, and encouraging your brain to form solutions that would normally remain untapped at the edge of your thinking. iMindMap gives you complete freedom to manipulate and draw connections between your ideas, without interrupting your trail of thought.

6. Collaborate

iMindMap allows you to harness the creative input of all members of a group to create plans and implement projects. iMindMap 7 has made it even easier for you to search for your Mind Maps and connect with other users with the new Maps and Contacts tabs at the top of the screen. Contributions can be added to the relevant branches and then explored further, or put on hold for a later discussion. Go a step further and save and share your maps to the cloud, using iMindMap Freedom. iMindMap’s Audio Notes feature will allow you to record your meetings and ensure that no comment is missed, without the momentum of the discussion being lost.

Meeting image for iMindMap

7. Visualise your Work

iMindMap is the perfect tool for business analysis and comes equipped with templates for Goal Setting, Performance Coaching, PEST Analysis, SWOT Analysis and Force Field Analysis. Any business model that you wish to explore can be simplified and enhanced by using iMindMap as your canvas. You can then link all of these to a monthly or annual iMindMap and they can be accessed at a moment’s notice.

8. Task Manage

iMindMap 7 allows you to collaborate with visual task management application, DropTask. You can export your iMindMaps to DropTask to create tasks or whole projects that will make your planning and implementing a whole lot easier. DropTask helps you to keep on top of your workload, allowing you to easily update others on your progress on the tasks for the week (Available on iMindMap 7 Ultimate only)

DropTask Image

Remember all of these iMindMap features are available to trial for free here.

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  1. Reply Bart says:

    I’m using mind maps and iMindMap software everyday in my work and I found they makes me more productive. Thank you!

  2. Reply Elinor says:

    Hi Bart,
    Thank you for your comment. It’s great to hear you are benefiting from Mind Mapping in work!

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