07 Apr 2011

iMindMap 5: free now, free forever. Here today.

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All together now…

We said that the launch of iMindMap 5 would guarantee some surprises, and we are delighted that we can now reveal the big secret! iMindMap 5 Basic, our starter package, will be free for life.

iMindMap 5 represents a new era of Mind Mapping, ThinkBuzan and mental literacy – and how better to reflect this moment of change than with a gift from us to the world? We really believe that by doing something different, people can think and work better. iMindMap is that ‘something different’, and we don’t agree it should just be available to the chosen few. So now iMindMap is for everyone.

We believe that thinking intelligently and making complicated information simple, accessible and collaborative is the way to improve results, boost innovation and get everyone more productive. And why keep that a secret? ThinkBuzan have always been about more than just software, and as a training organisation for the last 40 years we have seen school kids, accountants, politicians and writers finding a different way to learn, plan, create and present.

Many people may be cynical of Mind Mapping, dismissing it as childish or new-age. Seeing is believing though and when they try it themselves, they can see how practical the benefits are, including saving one working day a week by streamlining processes and generating original ideas quicker. But, if you’re reading this, you already know why it works!

The people we hear from daily, like you, are different, not just content to follow the norm and muddle through information and planning techniques that don’t work. And we want everyone to join us in thinking differently, effecting change in the way people behave for the better. To show our commitment, we think it’s time we walked the walk, and opened Mind Mapping up to a whole new audience. We hope you can help us spread the word!

Today iMindMap 5 Basic will be available for free, for life, so why not tell your friends, family, colleague and clients? Share the link below on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon – whatever you use to send out your ideas – and help us to spead the gift of clever thinking!


There’s no catch, we just want to help everyone think and work differently for the better. With your help, we can make mental literacy mainstream.

Chris & Tony on iMindMap for Free

Watch the videos of iMindMap creator, Chris Griffiths, and Tony Buzan below to find out why we decided to release a free version of iMindMap 5 and what we hope to do with it…

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17 Responses to “iMindMap 5: free now, free forever. Here today.”

  1. Reply Cia Brinkåker says:

    Just for me and just in time

  2. Reply Djohan Yoga says:

    In 2007, I attended the Mind Map Festival and the Global Mind Map Conference in Singapore where Tony and Chris were there as Keynote Speakers. The theme of these events were “Mind Map are for Everyone!”

    Now, in 2011 iMindMap V5 Basic is launched with free forever and of course for everyone too. So starting this year,

    “Mind Map and iMindMap are for Everyone!”

    Congratulation to Thinkbuzan for this giant-step, as one of family member who promote Mind Map in Indonesia and Asia is really proud.

    Djohan Yoga
    Buzan Licensed Instructor

  3. Reply Alex says:

    Please add the possibility not only of one of the last branch point to create new branches.
    example below :
    / /
    / /
    —————————– branch
    / /
    / /

  4. Reply ariva kalthia says:

    how do you download it??

    • Reply ThinkBuzan says:

      Hi Ariva,

      You can download iMindMap 5 here. Any problems and our Support Team would be more than happy to help. Hope you enjoy the software!

      • Reply Angi farmapt says:

        Thank you so much.
        But it’s imindmap 6.1.1, isn’t it?
        Is it not free forever?, because i have installed it but in “trial” shape.
        Or maybe like that?

        • Reply Ashleigh says:

          Hi Angi,

          It is indeed free forever – you get a free 7 day trial of the iMindMap Ultimate features and when that ends it will automatically revert to the free version. Hope you are enjoying the software!

      • Reply Tanya says:

        On October 12, 2013: you will get this answer:-
        Sorry about this.
        It looks like the page you are trying to access does not exist or has been moved.

        What to do to nload iMindMap 5 free in 2013?

  5. Reply Ian Hall says:

    Can it still be free? It is April 2014 This is what I thought..so people could use especially people who need help.
    iMindMap 5: free now, free forever. Here today.

    I am a teacher and trainer I have purchased it many times of the long period of years.

    Please think of the less fortunate people

    • Reply Elinor says:

      Hi Ian,
      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, a basic version of iMindMap is available for free. To access the free version simply download the free trial, and when the trial has expired, you will still be able to access a basic free version of iMindMap. If you know someone who would like to download the free trial to access the free basic version of iMindMap, you could forward this link: link http://thinkbuzan.com/download/

      ThinkBuzan have also made the new online course “How to Mind Map” available for free – with no sign ups necessary. To access the online course please click the following link: http://thinkbuzan.com/how-to-mind-map/

      If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us on support@thinkbuzan.com

      Many thanks

  6. Reply Sabrina says:


    I’m a teacher in France. I’ve got a license for the 6th version. I would like my student use a free version to do some exercices. Is it still posible to get a free Basic version?

    Tanks in advance.


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