26 Nov 2013

Your Opinion Matters – iMindMap 7 Customer Feedback

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iMindMap 7 Feedback

With the recent launch of iMindMap 7 we have asked for your thoughts and opinions about some of the changes and additional features.
After receiving an overwhelming response, we thought we would share with you some of the highlights.

Firstly, we asked you about your favourite features in iMindMap 7…

  • 63% of you voted for the new Branch Art designs
    (our Development Team’s personal favourite)
  • 34% said the new Sketch Tool
  • 31% said the new Editor

iMindMap 7 Feedback

Your feedback about iMindMap 7 has given us a great insight into how our users utilise and benefit from the changes we have made.Have a look at what some of you have said:

“The new Interface in iMindMap 7 is the absolute winner in my books. Believe it or not, this has made working in iMindMap more enjoyable.” Rhys Tague

“Excellent upgrade to what was already a very solid product…My favourite feature is the new Properties Panel, it is a great help in getting things done quickly and easily.”
Ian Turner-Smithson

We are particularly pleased with the glowing reviews about the new Presentation features:

Presentation Features

“Really useful and works well.”
Noel Hawkes

“Makes life much more flexible.”
Christian Schett

We wanted to know how you felt iMindMap 7 compares with iMindMap 6 in regards to its; usability, design, layout, presentation view and loading speed.

Sailing in strongly is ‘loading speed’ with 37% of you saying it is much better in iMindMap 7. Closely followed by 33% saying ‘usability’ is much better.

Our Development Team closely monitor the live ThinkBuzan Customer Forum.  Join the conversation and share tips with fellow iMindMap users from around the world.

Finally, an enormous thank you to those that took part in our Customer Survey and for letting us know what you think about iMindMap 7. Not only will you help other customers make a more informed decision, but you will help us improve our service to you too.

written by Elinor

6 Responses to “Your Opinion Matters – iMindMap 7 Customer Feedback”

  1. Reply michal says:

    The Branch Arts is what make Imindmap unique what you dont can find in Novamind or Mindmapper. Therefore it is a shame that there are so few branch arts in Imindmap.

    • Reply Elinor says:

      Hi Michal,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Yes- a lot of people who took the iMindMap 7 Customer Survey agreed with you and voted Branch Art as their favourite feature.
      I appreciate your feedback and have passed it on to our Development Team.
      If you have any more suggestions, please do not hesitate to write on our live ThinkBuzan forum that is closely monitored by our Dev Team.

    • Reply ramon says:

      i also suggested this even before the version 7 was released. i even suggested a feature where we can make our own branch art design or fill. for example, i can make a leaf as the fill or the design of my branch art.

      i am hoping to see this in the upcoming update of version 7.

      thank you.

  2. Reply Scott says:

    Is imindmap7 compatible with imindmapHD?

    • Reply Elinor says:

      Hi Scott,
      Yes iMindMap 7 is compatible in HD.
      If you sync you maps to your iPad some of the newer features will not be compatible, for example Branch Art, will show as just regular branches.

      Hope this helps.
      If you have any more technical questions, please forward them to our customer support team at support@thinkbuzan.com

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