03 Dec 2013

Top 5 videos of Tony Buzan

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We’ve put together some favourite YouTube videos of Tony Buzan. See Tony in action, speaking to audiences worldwide about the brain, creativity, Mind Mapping, memory and more.

1. Blast from the past with ‘Use Your Head’

In 1974, Tony Buzan filmed the debut episode of his programme, ‘Use Your Head’ for the BBC. The ten-episode series allowed Tony to formally introduce the concept of Mind Mapping to a global audience and due to its unprecedented success, the series was repeatedly shown for almost 10 years. Since then, Tony has established himself as a world-renowned author, educationalist, consultant and one of the most influential figures in creativity, learning and the brain. It’s time to take a look at where it all began…

2. The Origins of Mind Mapping

Tony Buzan discusses how he came to invent Mind Mapping; the technique that is now used by over 250 million people worldwide. He reveals why Mind Maps work and emphasises the importance of imagery, imagination and associations in every aspect of life.

3. Make the most of your creative mind

In this video, Tony Buzan explores the concept of creativity and reaching your full potential with the help of Mind Maps. In January 2013, Tony featured as the keynote speaker at the Learning Technologies Conference in London, Europe’s leading conference for organisational learning and supportive technology. He shares his exclusive insights about the human brain and effective learning techniques and addresses some common misconceptions about the way we learn. A video not to be missed!

“Mind Maps are the meta-language of the human race” – Tony Buzan

4. Intellectual capital you can bank on

Are you optimising your intellectual capital? In this video from 2009, Tony Buzan speaks of developing key life skills such as creativity, memory and learning. Not to mention, Tony places special emphasis on showing you how to make the most of the resources available to you in times of crisis.

“The prime asset of all organisations is intellectual capital, your intellectual capital” – Tony Buzan

5. Maximise the power of your brain

Last but not least, Tony Buzan discusses the use of Mind Mapping to maximise your brain power. With over 1 million views on YouTube, this video is the perfect introduction to the art of Mind Maps. In this video, the memory maestro outlines the key elements of Mind Maps and encapsulates the importance of the technique for every thinking task. Take 5 minutes out of your day and discover how to tap into the life-long technique of Mind Mapping.

“The Mind Map is like a Swiss army knife for the brain” – Tony Buzan

Learn more about Tony Buzan and his incredible achievements here

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written by Ashleigh
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4 Responses to “Top 5 videos of Tony Buzan”

  1. Reply Dharmendra Rai says:

    This Is Wonderful ! I am particularly fond of the last one ! Whenever I have a chance to introduce Mind Maps To An Audience I love to show them this video .

    It is Sui Generis !

  2. Reply Ritu Advani says:

    I am glad to see all 5 top videos in one blog..

    I have watched and heard all of them..

    I normally share No 1 /2/ 5.

    I plan to share video 4 when I have my creativity workshop in 2014.

    Memory video is excellent but heavy at this time.. will share that after I take the Memory TLI course .. hopefully in 2015
    My preference is Speed Reading course in 2014
    So brilliant..

  3. Reply Toshiaki Tamura says:

    This is very convenient website for not only TLIs but also potential mindmap users !
    Of course, I will put these videos on my website soon in order to help mindmap, memory & speed reading learners.

    I hope this website will be linked by all TLIs in the world, and also will explain the difference between other similar mindmap-like maps.

    I appreciate this website very much and hope to contribute something in the future.

  4. Reply Harsh Jajoo says:

    Hi Tony and the Team at Think Buzan,

    Fantastic Videos and a great service to all by putting them on.

    Einsteinian in the Intelligent Age.

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